At Putt-N-Around we pride ourselves in the top quality carts that we build. Our customers tell us its the personalized service and attention to detail that bring them back to us. We take that same approach with our Certified Reconditioned Program.  Although your cart started in a fleet of lease carts that we purchased from a golf course, when they arrive by truck to our facilities we take each cart into our shop one at a time for inspection. We can guarantee you that we are the most through company in the business.   We strive to produce the highest quality, most dependable and best looking custom golf cart on the market.  Come see the difference.

Certified Reconditioned Program Inspections & Service

Completely disassemble the car

Pressure wash frame

Inspect frame for damage and/or defects

Inspect wiring harness for abrasions

Connect hand held programmers to the controller; check for faults codes

Inspect steering column, and steering rack and pinion

Inspect tie rods & tie rod ends

Inspect all body trim; including: front bumper, rocker panels, rear bumper, etc

Inspect batteries and cables; apply anti-corrosion spray on battery terminals

Top off batteries with distilled water

Charge batteries & conduct load test

Inspect battery hold downs and tray

Top off all grease fittings

Inspect front and rear bushings (leaf spring & control arm)

Remove, inspect and service motor brake (if applicable)

Check & adjust brakes

Check & adjust alignment

Service rear end; differential gear oil and grease axle splines

Begin build of your custom cart

Install top quality aftermarket parts selected by customer

Set proper tire pressure

Recheck all fittings & attachments for proper torque

Test drive to ensure proper function

Perform final computer & controller setup

Detail cart to prepare for delivery or customer pickup

Most dealers today are cleaning up carts, painting them and calling it a new or refurbished cart.

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