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Extended Warranty Options From Date of Cart Purchase:

12 Months - FREE

18 Months - $ 499.00

24 Months - $ 749.00

Putt-N-Around Golf Carts LLC hereby warrants to the original individual purchaser that any certified reconditioned golf cart purchased from Putt-N-Around shall be covered under this warranty for normal use and service as a golf cart or neighborhood vehicle for the period selected, subject to the provisions, limitations and exclusions contained in this limited warranty.

Frame & Body Trim, Wheel Hub & Bearings, Spindle & Swing Arm Assemblies, Steering Shaft & Components, Bearings, Bushings, Fittings, Leaf Springs, Shocks, Main & Sub Electrical Wiring Harnesses, Controller, M-Cor, Pedal Assembly, Computer Fail Safe System, On Board Signal Generator, Lighting System, Charger Block & Mechanism. 12 Month FREE warranty starts the day customer pickups designated cart or the day the cart leaves our shop for delivery. From this time, customer has 30 days to purchase an extended warranty. Putt-N-Around Golf Carts LLC reserves the right to change the extended warranty pricing posted without notice. Putt-N-Around Golf Carts LLC reserves the right to approve or deny warranty claim at our discretion based on inspection findings.

- Batteries and Motors (unless purchased NEW)

- Aftermarket Parts and Accessories carry a manufacturer's warranty and will be made directly with the manufacturer during that warranty period by Putt-N-Around.

- Cart transportation

- Subsequent damage resulting from or by warrantied item(s)

This and any other warranty shall be void if the golf cart is determined to be abused or used in an unintended manner, shows indications that it has been altered after leaving our premises. Alterations are, but not limited to, modification of the speed governor, braking system, steering, drive unit, or any other operating system of the cart to cause it to perform outside set specifications at time of customization.

The warranty is likewise void if the cart shows indications that reasonable and/or necessary maintenance was not preformed at the time and intervals specified. Voiding of this warranty due to abuse or neglect shall be at the sole discretion of Putt-N-Around Golf Carts LLC. Warranty will also be null and void if the customer decided to make any of their own repairs or modifications or has any repair work or modifications done outside of Putt-N-Around Golf Carts. All warranty work on carts sold by Putt-N-Around must be preformed by Putt-N-Around.

To file a warranty claim please contact Putt-N-Around Golf Carts LLC at 678-941-3920. Please have a copy of your paid invoice and warranty form ready, along with the serial number of the golf cart you purchased. A Putt-N-Around Golf Carts LLC representative will schedule a time for you to bring your cart in to be evaluated. Putt-N-Around Golf Carts will not cover any work completed by purchaser or any other dealer or repair shop. Any repairs or modifications by anyone other than Putt-N-Around Golf Carts LLC will void your limited warranty. All warranty issues or claims must be filed within 24 hours of said failure or problem..