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Hey guys, I want to give a quick review of Putt n Around! We bought the UGA cart shown below this weekend and we couldn't be happier. I met Ryan when I called him about fixing our existing TXT cart (which he is selling if you need an amazing and affordable cart!) and he came right to my house and picked it up. After talking with my wife a couple of days we decided we wanted to upgrade to an RXV cart as we have tons of hills around our house and it was a better fit for those. Ryan was amazing. He answered our questions, helped us out with a smile, and helped us get a great cart. We were a little taken aback with the sound differences between an RXV and a TXT (the RXV's are louder) and Ryan worked with us until we were happy. And, we are super happy! We are already thinking of upgrades for the cart and can't wait for our friends to see it.

Keep your money local, patronize a great local vendor and buy your cart from Ryan at Putt-n-Around. You won't be unhappy. He stands behind his product and wants you happy! He is DEFINITELY VR!
Corey Townsend

Great place to get a custom cart I was sent to this cart shop by a friend of mine and I was impressed. I had them make me a lifted cart with a audio system TV and rims it's the real deal. If you want a custom cart go to this place. Ask for Ryan !! He will take care of you.
mclaren karson

This golf cart shop has a great selection of carts and they will do what ever it takes to make you happy.
Pelham Silas

Cool place with great service I had a lift put on here and it really looks sick I can't wait to check it out thanks for such a great experience!! :)
Adam Harper

Cool place I took my golf cart here to get some work done to it they really did a good job on it. Check them out if you ever in the area.
John Smith

I bought a cart from them and am very happy with the cart and their service.
Robbie Robinson

Great Cart store with a nice high end selection.
Rose MClaine

5 star, Excellent customer service !!!!!
Alfonso Verduzco

The service here is great, Ryan gave us an awesome deal!
Maryanne Brown

Thanks to Ryan for building the perfect Broncos golf cart THANKS AGAIN!!!!
Wesley Griffin

Great experience here today. Highly recommended!
Brian D Strzalkowski